At Gen Con, Look to the East

Okay, a really short and to-the-point post today: What I’m doing at Gen Con!

In general, I’ll be splitting my time between the Sasquatch Game Studio booth (number 265, in the “upper left” corner as you look at the Exhibit Hall map) and running the Alternity Dark Nebula adventure over at the Baldman Games area in the JW Marriott.

If you want to play Alternity with me, sign up for a Dark Nebula session! I’m running games every day of the show. (If you don’t get me, you’re guaranteed to get another Sasquatch as your GM. How cool is it to play a RPG with an industry rock star like Dave Noonan or Steve Schubert?)

Okay, here are the daily schedules:

  • Thursday: I’ll be around the booth until 11:45 or so. I’ve got some meetings scheduled in the afternoon. Then I’ll be running Alternity from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  • Friday: Again, I’ll be around the booth until 11:30 or so. Then I’ll be running Alternity from noon until 4 pm. (And I have St. Elmo’s reservations for dinner on Friday, which I’m very excited about!)
  • Saturday: I’m running Alternity from 8 am until noon, then I’ll be around the Sasquatch booth until 5 pm. After that I’ll be off to run more Alternity from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  • Sunday: I should be around the booth until noon. In theory I’ve got an Alternity game slot from noon until 4 pm, but I have observed that those last-session slots sometimes don’t fill up, so if you want to make sure you can play Alternity late on Sunday, sign up for the session!

I don’t have any specific autograph sessions or panels scheduled (I’m running games this year!) but I will of course be happy to sign something if you’d like it autographed. Or if you just want to swing by the booth and say hi, well, I love talking about what I do!

See y’all in Indy!

P.S. The Sasquatch booth is at the east end of the dealer’s hall. Hence, look to the east!

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