MobiCon,Writing Updates

Hello! A couple of quick updates for folks . . .

Going (to) Mobile

I’m heading down to MobiCon in Mobile, Alabama over Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be giving two talks/Q&A sessions – one on Creating Great Adventures, and the other on Writing Great Space Battles. In addition, I’ll be DMing a D&D game (a 5e conversion of one of my old Dungeon Magazine adventures), GMing an Alternity game (the first debut of a Dark Nebula adventure), and hosting an Ultimate Scheme game (winner keeps the game!). I don’t know if game seats are still available, but if they are, please sign up! I like full tables. I’ll also be hanging around the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment booth at odd times, so if you want to stop by and say hi or ask me about my work, please do!

Here’s the MobiCon website, if you’re curious:

There is an excellent chance I’ll go tour USS Alabama on Friday morning, so if you want to spend an hour or two with me oohing and aahing over one of the best-preserved battleships in the country, I’d be happy to have the company.

Gen Con

Speaking of conventions, I’ll be attending Gen Con again this year with Sasquatch Game Studio. We’ve got a booth in the back left corner of the hall, and we should have an assortment of Primeval Thule and Alternity sourcebooks available at the show. We plan to run a lot of Alternity (specifically, Dark Nebula) in the Baldman Games area. It looks like those aren’t on the event listing yet, so we’ll get those posted ASAP for folks who want to sign up.

The Writing Slate

Brief update of where I am with different projects . . . Scornful Stars, book 3 of the Sikander North series, is done. It’ll be out later this year (likely the first week of December). I encourage you to pre-order if you’re keeping up with Breaker of Empires—it’s the best way to let distributors know you want the book. I’m finishing up my part of the Dark Nebula Mission Guide, an Alternity mini-setting/adventure anthology. Xenologist’s Guide is off to the printer for our “test print.” I’m now working hard on a new Secret Project that I hope to be able to announce before Gen Con. So stay tuned for news!


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