Gen Con and Project Updates

Hey, I’m back!

I apologize for disappearing over the last three months, but I found myself super-busy on a couple of different projects and I just felt like I had to zero in on the writing for a bit. I intend to return to more regular posting soon (and maybe finish up my retrospective on the novels I’ve written over the years), but right now I’m looking Gen Con right in the eye, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I settle back into a routine. In the meantime, here are a couple of updates for you:

Rich at Gen Con

First things first: I’ll be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis from August 1 through August 5. I am participating in the Writer Symposium, and I’ll be helping to man the Sasquatch Game Studio booth as well as running some Alternity events. Here’s where you can find me:
Writer Symposium: Finding Inspiration (4 pm Thursday, Ballroom 1) and All About Tor (11 am Friday, Ballroom 3-4).
Alternity: I’ll be running the Tartarus Station adventure in the Baldman Games room several times over the weekend (Thursday 8 am, Saturday 8 am, Saturday 5 pm, and Sunday 8 am). I can’t guarantee I’ll be your GM, but your chances are pretty good.
Sasquatch Game Studio: We’re in Booth 1155, near Author’s Avenue. I’ll be around in the early afternoon (1 pm or so) pretty much every day of the show, and in and out frequently.

I’m happy to say a quick hi or sign something for people anytime I’m in the booth, but if we’re helping customers I may need to pay attention to them first—we paid good money for that booth and we’re in the Exhibit Hall to sell!

Restless Lightning

Want to know what happens to Sikander North after Valiant Dust? You’ll find out in October when Restless Lightning comes to a bookstore near you! This one will be published as a trade paperback, and it’s about 20,000 words longer than Valiant Dust was—it’s a big sweeping story that carries Sikander to an alien empire wracked by revolution. (If you missed Valiant Dust in hardback, it’s coming out in mass-market paperback at the end of August. You don’t *need* to read it before Restless Lightning, but I think you’d enjoy the second book a bit more if you do.)

Scornful Stars

And . . . just this week I turned over my first draft for Book 3 of Breaker of Empires, entitled Scornful Stars. I’ve been pushing hard to get the draft done before Gen Con, which is one of the reasons I’ve been a little tardy in updating the blog. I think it’s a worthy successor to Valiant Dust and Restless Lightning, and it certainly feels good to have the heavy lifting for another book behind me.


As I hinted at above, my new version of the Alternity Science Fiction RPG is on the way! The Core Rulebook is being printed this week, and we’ll have ‘em available in the Sasquatch Game Studio booth at Gen Con. Check with your Friendly Local Gaming Store—they can order the book from distributors such as Alliance, GTS, or Peachstate. Or if you’re a digitally-minded sort, we’ll soon release the Core Rulebook pdf on DriveThruRPG. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out; we packed a lot of game into that book, and it’s a worthy (spiritual) successor to the original.

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